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You know how every family has a weird kid that everybody can’t help but love?
Yeah, we’re that kid in the Different Hotels family.We all have similar DNA in common, but we’re all … uhm … different, obviously. You know how families are: there’s the pretty one, the serious one, the nature-lover, the business type … you name it!

Our roots are in the province of Limburg and most of us stayed close to home.

Get familiar

We like you, do you like us too?


Go to Differenthotels.com to find a hotel, book a room, browse through the available packages or just click around for a while and imagine yourself leisurely sprawled out on the different hotel beds.

You can become a member of our family, too!
You’ll get the best rates, bonus perks and we’ll keep you in the loop whenever there’s a scandal (ously low pricing special).

Here’s a list of all the other Different Hotels you can stay at.
They’re not as good as YUP Hotel, but … They tried. Really hard. Ha!
Seriously: they’re great, too.
You’ll be happy there, we promise.
In fact, we recommend you book a stay at all of them in a row, take notes, take selfies, post blurry pics of your breakfast choices, hug the staff and then come back to stay with us and tell us all about it. It’ll be fun!

Eburon Hotel

Hotel ZUID

Carbon Hotel

Eurotel Lanaken

Hotel Mardaga

Hotel ECU

M Hotel

De Barrier

Den Bongaerd

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